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Dubai in 24 hours!

‘Dubai never settles for anything less, less than the first place!’

  • Most luxurious accommodation – Burj Al Arab (7-star)
  • Tallest building of the world – Burj Khalifa (2717 ft./ 828 m)
  • One of the largest shopping malls in the world – The Dubai Mall (5.4 million sq. ft.)
  • Largest flower garden – Dubai Miracle Gardens (109 million flowers planted)
  • And, not to forget, world’s largest choreographed fountain system – Dubai Fountains (6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors)!

If this doesn’t make Dubai a MUST experience place – I give up 😛 🙂

There is a lot to do in Dubai; however, a lot can be squeezed into one day – yes, one day! My first vacation in Dubai was six days long, which was quite long for this place at that time (2006). Since then, a lot has been developed including, of course, more exciting tourist attractions!

Recently, me and my husband visited Dubai for just 24 hours. We arrived late at night from the Seychelles, so we had booked Viceroy, which is near the airport and overlooking the Marina Circuit. Definitely choose a luxury hotel, as Dubai’s luxury is just on another level!

Once in our room we were treated with:

Best you can have to start on a new spot!

We had dinner and decided to chill a little on their Rooftop Bar!

IMG_4237 (1).jpg
Glimpse of the Rooftop

|| If you are into Bollywood, you must have seen the movie Dishoom! Many scenes have been filmed in this hotel! It was exciting for me, as I could recognise many spots when watching this movie. I also had the same experience with the Hollywood movie Hangover – they filmed many scenes in Amari Hotel (Phuket, Thailand). Impressive, haha!||

Moving on…

Dubai is a perfect stopover when traveling to Asia from Europe or from the Southern African countries to Europe. Of course, you can also just plan a trip via or to Dubai!

If you want something, just make it happen.

Anyways, let’s start the day!

So Dubai in one day – it’s perfectly doable (and if you miss out on some things, it’s just a reason to come back).

Our 24 hours in Dubai start now 🙂

We woke up around 9am, had a lavish breakfast to keep our tummies full until lunch and went straight to the Dubai Mall.


It’s huge, and you will find all the high-end brands, from Ted Baker to Elie Saab and D&G to LV, all under ONE ROOF! Just name it and they have it.

Moreover, there are amazing places to eat, too. We had lunch at the Armani Caffe after we got tired shopping! But there are plenty of places to choose from, and you will save time as well.


After lunch, we had booked a speedboat tour, which would show us many of the highlights of Dubai.

About to take our Speedboat

Views from the water…

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel
Dubai’s skyline
On my first visit to Dubai (2006) I had a lovely dinner, followed by coffee and tea at the pool side at this 7-star with my family – it’s worth the experience! This time we skipped it, as we didn’t have much time. (reason to come back soon) 🙂

We also saw some of Mr. Sheik’s properties, yachts and private islands. I would really recommend to do this kind of tour, it’s so much more fun on the water!

Next, we took a taxi and went straight to:

Indeed, the top of Burj Khalifa!
View from the TOP!

From the top you can see that only a very small part of Dubai is built and developed, the remaining is all desert and uninhabited.

Finally, time for our climax and, possibly, the most exciting part. It was the first time for both of us to experience this…

Ready at our dinner table right on the lake to…

Dining at Thiptara!

… see the…

Burj Khalifa 

…The Burj Khalifa light show, and…


…The beautiful Fountain show!

While we were having dinner, we experienced this show! It was the best way to end our 4 destination-long vacation: Cape Town, Kruger National Park, the Seychelles and Dubai! (The other 3 parts will be up on the blog soon!)

I would really, really recommend to have dinner at one of the great restaurants with views to the lake, it’s a 2-in-1 treat!

Isn’t this a beautiful treat to the eyes?
Happy Honeymoon! 

This was our fun, fantastic and definitely fast – just over 24 hours – trip in Dubai 🙂

There is of course more…

One of the main things to do in Dubai, which we both did in our first visit, is the Desert Safari. Obviously we didn’t have time to do that this time, as it takes one full day. If we would have longer we would have definitely done it, but our preference went to other things (as you have seen). However, definitely a reason to head back to Dubai soon.

If you have the time, do that for sure! It’s so much fun and one entire day gets filled. It starts with the desert safari itself, then a camel ride, followed by arabic shopping and activities, such as dressing as a sheik and geting a picture clicked with an eagle on your hand. The closing is dinner and entertainment in Dubai style!

Also, Ferrari World, Indoor Winter World (ice skating and skiing), Mosque visit, Wild Wadi water park, Underwater zoo, Miracle gardens, beaches and more shopping malls are places to visit 🙂

It all depends on your interests and the duration of your trip!
Oh yeah!


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I hope this was helpful for your trip to Dubai 🙂

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Love, xx. Ankita !


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