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Fashion Meets Confidence


I certainly agree with the quote above by the famous French fashion designer: it’s not only about looking beautiful. Rather, confidence is an important ingredient as well.

Confidence isn’t solely defined by what you wear; more importantly,

it shouldn’t be!

However, each coin has two sides. The other side here is: when you feel good on the outside, automatically there is a boost in self-confidence and attitude. Dressing can certainly affect how you feel but, again back to the first side of the coin, it is not the sole determinant of your confidence.


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So what does define your confidence? It’s not an one-sentence answer, there are a few elements that have to be considered.

Let’s get right into those:

  • Perception

How others perceive you has a tremendous impact. This might sound weird at first, but think about it for a second. You liked to be complimented, right? There is a sense of energy when this compliment reaches you.

I am sure that you don’t want to think that way. You want to think: “no, I don’t need any compliments to have confidence, nor do I care how others perceive me” – believe me you do! Consciously and unconsciously.

Of course, it certainly is not the only thing that builds your confidence. Moreover, you cannot instantly control another person’s perception of you. It takes time, and you have to give it time.

  • Appropriateness

I have always learned from my parents that a lady should dress modestly, with decency, at all times. Short is not sexy, it can easily become vulgar and inappropriate. Dressing to the occasion will help you feel comfortable.

This definitely does not mean you have to go with the flow – no! You just have to dress appropriately, but with your own style and twist. This will make you stand out of the ‘regular’ crowd, while still allowing you to form part of the crowd – if this makes sense 🙂

I recently read a quote by Marilyn Monroe, ‘your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.’

Embrace the real you, feel comfortable in your skin and get that confidence. It is something which can’t be based on your clothes only,

it’s a mindset!

This goes together with perception. If every time, over and over again, you dress appropriately, decently and according to the occasion, a positive perception will start building in one’s mind. In turn, it will have a tremendous positive effect on your self-confidence!

  • Style

Dress to the best for your body. A certain fashion style might suit your friend, but it doesn’t mean it will suit you too.

It is important to know your style and body. Compliment your body with clothes that emphasize the right parts and make you look stronger!

  1. Choose the right colors for your skin tone;
  2. Wear clothes that emphasize the best parts of your body;
  3. Know the occasion (as said before).

Once these three points have been considered, there is an immediate sense of confidence when looking in the mirror. You simply feel pretty. A more positive attitude asserts itself in your walk, talk and behavior!

  • Belief

How you feel about yourself is one of the foremost things that boosts your self-confidence. Be happy and proud (not arrogant!) about yourself. It should be confidence without ego, confidence that also includes being yourself and loving yourself.

No arrogance, hate or comparison; rather, a genuine smile on your face, projecting strength and comfort.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 17.42.29.png


When it comes to fashion, what do you do to keep your confidence?

Share your thoughts and tips by leaving it in the comments box below! I would love to hear from your side 🙂

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xx, Ankita 🙂






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