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Diwali outfits – (Uno), Dos & Tres!

Hope you all had a great Diwali Celebration this year! 🙂

I will be show-casing the 2 Indian outfits I wore – 1. On Diwali party, which was specially organised for me and my husband, as it was our first Diwali after marriage and 2. On the Diwali day itself.

The first outfit can be found in a previous post called: Diwali Outfit – Uno/Tres!

Let’s get into it!


My second outfit was very different compared to the first, which was (all you all know) the modern twist sparkling golden long dress. This times I went for a heavier Indian look, as it suited the occasion.


Fun fact: this outfit was actually my wedding outfit, however, my mom wanted me to wear her wedding outfit and I agreed to do so! BUT I of course also bought the outfit I wanted to buy- Haha! This was the best occasion to wear the outfit!
Me and my husband.
I wore a Sabyasachi Mukerjee Indian outfit (Lengha), with heavy jewellery, bangles and a medium high bun.


On the Diwali day itself – 30th Oct 2016 – I went for a Indian look as well, however, much more sophisticated than the Dos/Tres outfit.

There was of course a reason to this, as (1) I was willing to make Rangoli (= patterns created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals – Wikipedia), (2) we were busy cooking and preparing for the act of worship, (3) we had to sit for more than 1 hour during these prayers and finaly (4) the entire house had to be decorated with small light bulbs and diyas.

Busy making Rangoli!
My colours!
Final Look.
Comfi Salwar (bottom part of the outfit) Super comfi Punjabi Jutti (Indian footwear) 


Velvet outfit in red with a heavy dupatta (scarf), minimum make-up, easy footwear and little Indian details, such as my Bindi (red dot on my fore head) and a simple necklace (that symbolises marriage)  

What do you guys think of my 2016 Diwali outfits? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂
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MuchLove, Ankita! xx



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