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Grab your passport and my hand!


Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 23.12.54.png
Having an amazing ride on Mulholland Drive.

Hi Travel Beautistaas!

As I promised on the ‘California Girl‘ post of last week, here I am giving you a full itinerary of our (mine and my husband’s) California trip!

Our journey started early in the morning, as we had to catch a 7 a.m. flight from New York to Los Angeles.

It struck me that it took more than 15 return flights in some 12 months for me to start


enjoying flying. I have started feeling much more comfortable while sitting in the plane. It’s just like home! Naa… not home, but honestly it feels better.


I was never a very exciting person to be on a flight with ’cause for almost 90% of the time I would be sleeping. What else do you do when you have flights of over 6 hours?! As I would wake-up the pilot would inevitably be announcing “prepare for landing” – happy me 🙂

By the way, have you ever seen a dog sitting with a passenger? I was so surprised… Neither did the dog bark nor was it very energetic. It was just sitting on the lap of who I assume was the owner, looking at the floor. I had a picture, but since I lost my phone I lost

Interesting art on the walls of LA.

that picture also, and some more – which you will notice :p

Anyway… Touched down in LA!

We picked up our convertible and started heading towards Venice Beach. First we had lunch and then walked on the beach. OMG the sand was sooooo hot – it felt like we were walking on burning coals! Fortunately, we got to the sea and continued our walk alongside the cold water. We loved the palm trees, the sound of the strong waves and our surroundings!

Rodeo Drive. 

Next stop: BEVERLY HILLS, baby!

Captivated by the class and elegance of Beverly Hills – Rodeo Drive!
When the sun shines on the Pacific Ocean it is just indescribably beautiful
My Lemon Sorbet flower ice cream and I it’s my new favorite taste!

What a beauty, really marvelous – the scene, the vibe – it’s so classy and elegant.

Door to one of my favorite shoe designers – C. Louboutin!

Definitely Beverly Hills was my kind of place, and to give our taste buds a jolt we decided to stop at Amorino gelato (try their Lemon Sorbet, it’s YUM!).

My husband insisted
on taking me to the C. Louboutin boutique. Not on Rodeo Drive, but rather in West Hollywood so we specially went there as he knew Louboutin is one of my favorite shoe designers and my next buy!

Walk the Walk Of Fame!

After looking at the ground searching for the names of various starts – including my beloved Mickey! – we did the opposite and looked high up when we visited Griffith Observatory, gaining fun facts about our universe, planet, stars, moon and sun.

Mickey Mouse – My all time Favorite! 

Moreover, as we arrived there while the sun was setting, the view over LA was absolutely stunning! And we of course saw the Hollywood sign high up in the mountains.

Griffith Observatory.

The following day we decided to first go to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, surrounded by the beautiful clear blue sea. Because we went in the morning there was almost nobody there so we, of course, made the most of the moment by taking some funny pictures.

Taking a moment to capture some fun at the Korean Friendship Bell.
View of LA from the Vista Hermosa Park.

I had read that there was an amazing spot at the Vista Hermosa Park giving one of the clearest views of the LA skyline. We didn’t want to miss that spot so we went seeking for it in the park. Not that the search was difficult, but the burning sun made every step very heavy and sweaty. But as you can see, it was worth it!


Night lights of LA.


Before heading for lunch we quickly took a look through the Grand Market in downtown LA, and got ourselves refreshers!

The next stop was quite exciting, driving up and down Mulholland Drive and seeing helicopters roaming about, dropping residents to their house. Yes, you read it correctly: the millionaires that live there go to their home by helicopter – it’s amazing while also kind of understandable.

Palm trees that complete your holiday feeling!

Mulholland takes you through the heights of the Hollywood Hills and it would be a pain to drive up and down every day all over again and again. Not the most easy drive and, if you have the money, why not?

Get ready for some art at the Getty Centre. A few beautiful pieces I saw there…

img_1858 img_1861
Read below the description…

Once we spend some good 2 hours at the Art Centre, we drove through the beautiful area of the rich in LA – Sunset Boulevard and the Bel Air Area – where we again saw some of the most beautiful mansions!

Our third day started early with the aim of covering a good bit of the Pacific Coast Highway 1. What is known to be one of the most scenic routes in the world lived up to its reputation. We started from LA and our first destination was Malibu Beach.

Malibu Beach.
I love it when he captures my smiling face.

The drive was beautiful, with on the left side the quiet Pacific Ocean and on the other hand a changing landscape – miles of green nature, sweet little beach view houses, or pretty mountains!

Scenic views of the Pacific Ocean.
Another breathtaking view.









Pretty surroundings while driving on the Pacific Coast – Highway 1.

After we left Malibu, I got to drive the car and it was super exciting to do so. Wind blowing through my hair, sun shining bright, our convertible car, loud music (amazing radio stations, with great music!) and, of course, the scenic surrounding.

Highway 1 – North Californiaaaa!

We were in LOVE, and really enjoyed the drive towards our second destination, Santa Barbara: a super sweet and calm place with a cute main street and lots of restaurants with outstanding food! Of course, we had to have lunch here before we went further: our next stop would be after four hours of driving.

Santa Barbara.

These four hours my husband drove most of the time and I started munching and got busy clicking pictures. Soon we were driving in the mountains, with many beautiful spots to

Bixby Bride!

take in the unpolluted, fresh air and, of course, to enjoy breathtaking views. The sun reflecting on the ocean… We made our way through Big Sur and stopped at the historic Bixby Bridge.

The sweet little boutiques in Carmel.

We had planned to have dinner in Monterey, which was our spot to spend the night, but there is a pretty place just 10 minutes from there called Carmel. As we were ahead of schedule, we decided to take out some time to visit the town and have dinner before continuing to our hotel.

So we had dinner in Carmel, which has many cute restaurants and independent shops. Moreover, after dinner, when walking through the streets of Carmel, we noticed a lot of art galleries. Captivated with beautiful paintings and other forms of art – AMAZING. We could have been there for hours discussing paintings and, maybe, also deciding on what we would like to have for our future home.

Beautiful surroundings continue…

And then, finally, after a day filled with 12 hours of beauty, sunshine, Pacific Coast, mountains, love and more love, it was time to say goodnight!

Our drive continues to SF! The first radio station I got to when entering SF was Bay Area’s Bollywood Station LOL!

We are going to S A N  F R A N C I S C O 🙂

It’s day 4 already, and our plan is to reach SF today, but first time for some good breakfast at the pier of Santa Cruz! It was surprising, because there is a permanent fun fair alongside the beach on the boulevard, super cool. However, it wasn’t open at breakfast time of course :P.

After having enjoyed Santa Cruz we stepped into the car and drove in one go to SF – very excited to reach the city.

We did a lot that day, but first, of course, food 🙂

Golden Gate Bridge – on a cloudy day.

A lovely meal at the Fisherman’s Wharf we decided to walk a little and while walking we came across this pier where tens of sea lions were talking to each other – it was hilarious to see!

Take a tandem bike and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was quite funny ’cause in the beginning we had trouble finding our balance on the bike together, but we managed and became pro by the time we reached the Bridge.

Afterwards we went to Lombard Street – a very interesting street, which you goes zig-zag, making it hard for cars, but fun for visitors to see the drivers struggle.

Lombard Str. – Maybe hard to see, but the street is Zig-Zag – you might see it if you follow the cars.

After dinner, we retired early as we were quite tired of this active bike day.

Our last day, was beautiful – Mr. Sun was back shining! Day before, was a little cloudy. We started our day at the ‘Lands End‘ where we had our last meeting with the Pacific Ocean – Time was coming near to say goodbye soon – but first…

Reached the Golden Gate Bridge!

Palace of Fine Arts, a nice monumental structure with a beautiful surrounding of nature. We spend some time sitting on the bench and watching this beautiful piece of art – we took some rest too.

The next stop: the traditional cable car ride – if you want to experience SF you have to take the cable car – really fun. You can stand at the edge of the tram and enjoy the breeze while the tram is riding through the city.

We visited some luxury shops at Union Square and then wanted to have food at the biggest China Town, but it slipped out of our mind that around 2p.m. restaurants close for a nap time I think :p so we instead went to a Japanese restaurant just outside China Town.

San Francisco!

Sadly enough after a long lunch it’s was already time to say ‘bye-bye’ to California 😦 ! We had an amazing trip, enjoyed thoroughly and added some precious moments to our memories… 🙂 🙂

Y O U  W E R E  A M A Z I N G

… and this is us on our last spot – SF.

Lastly, below you can see our entire route on a map:

The red stars mark the 10 locations we visited!


I hope you enjoyed reading!

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xx. Ankita 🙂



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