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Relaxation Routine

Once in a while that day arrives where you decide to stay at home and pamper yourself – ‘a perfect lazy day!’

In our busy lives we often forget to take some time for ourselves. We need time to re-think, let go of what we can’t control and absorb all the information that is thrown at us everyday. Here are some tips to R E L A X …

First of all, turn your smartphone off, as today it’s only Me, Myself and I.

Start your morning with lukewarm L E M O N W A T E R. By adding lemon to your glass of water, it not only rehydrates you but keeps your skin glowing. Moreover, it’s a great screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-17-19-40source of Vitamin C.

S H A K E on the beat! I love dancing, and never squander a chance when I can. I believe that dancing is the best cardio-exercise and energy-booster. It makes you truly enjoy your favorite music. Might sound silly, but try it out – let me know how you feel afterwards! 

Dip into a warm B A T H: Don’t use hot water as it dries your skin.

While your bath fills with water, you have enough time to:

  1. Lightly massage Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil over your body  (leave out your face).
  2. Spread one of your favorite face masks on your face.

||These days I have been using the new 100% Vegan Face Masks by Body Shop and I am in     L O V E with them. Their texture and pure ingredients are a treat!

My personal favorite of all 5 is the Invigorating Mask (dark pink). It leaves my skin sooooo hydrated that I don’t use any sort of face cream afterwards – a big deal for my dry skin! Also, I could see that the Acai Berry gives my cheek that beautiful pinkish-red color…

L… Lo… Lov… Love it! ||

Back to your bath. I personally like to add fresh rose petals or just keep it clear water (of course you can pour some kind of bath bubble liquid or fragrance!).

C L O S E  Y O U R  E Y E S  A N D  R E L A X

After 5-7 minutes gently start massaging your neck, shoulders, upper back and go all the way to your toes. Before you step outside, lightly exfoliate elbows, ankles and knees.

Gradually take off your mask with a wet face towel (cloth) and then tap your body dry.

Your skin is loving and thanking you for this luxury!


Just before going back into your comfortable P A J A M A S, moisturizing is essential. I use any of the Body Shop butter pots. These are perfect if you have dry skin or you just want to pamper your skin a little more!

Are you still sipping water? Add slices of cucumber and strawberry for a fresh taste.

A quick manicure and pedicure is always enjoyable on Pajama days. I mostly start with cleaning my nails and pushing my cuticles gently. Then I moisturize my hands and feet and let the moisture be absorbed for a few minutes. Lastly, apply your favorite color or apply a color that matches your next day’s outfit!

Yes, time flies when you are having fun… The day is about to end. To have a great end I do some stretching, give myself a head massage, put a thick layer of balm on my lips (this will make your lips soft and plumpy the next day) and drink a big glass of water.

I enjoy reading a novel and so will take my favorite book to bed and gradually fall asleep while reading.

S W E E T  D R E A M S  Beauties – you deserve it!

Let me know what kind of pampering activities you do when you have a Pajama day!

xx Ankita!









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