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It’s worth it!

Positivity is a way of life. That’s what I have been believing and experiencing.

My journey started when I first moved out of my comfort zone – my home in Amsterdam – to study abroad in Vienna. In those six months, I managed to overcome my fears and uncertainties: how will I combine cooking with my classes? How will I find my way to different places in a new country? How will I communicate – do people speak English? In other words, how will I stay all by myself… alone?!

You might be thinking, for at least half of these concerns I could have done my research. I could have been less nervous. Yet, that’s exactly the point I want to make here: these concerns only exist in the mind!

Neither research nor any other thing could help here. What did help is O P T I M I S M, that thing which makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. Six month later when I returned, I felt that I had grown, grown into a more independent and confident woman and, above all, a person who redefined her positive attitude towards life!


What made me change?
When I arrived at the student housing I emptied my suit-cases, organized my apartment and did grocery shopping to fill the empty refrigerator.

Afterwards, as I was roaming around the building, I bumped into two French girls. While talking to them I got to know they were there for the same program on the same university – great!

Once back in my room, I thought about the conversation we had in the hallway. I felt that I was very comfortable with them, even though they were strangers to me. That was it: I had to (1) be open-minded; and (2) keep my thoughts positive! Being open-minded encourages you to learn more (indeed, that’s why you put in the effort!). The result is personal development.

I applied this attitude consistently in that period and, trust me, it did magic! I learnt to look at the bright side of situations and tried to stay calm. Don’t get me wrong, it did not happen from one day to the other; of course, it needs patience and practice.

There was more…
Two years later I got another opportunity to live abroad. This time, however, it was different. Neither a study program nor for a short period. I was moving to New York City, although unsure for how long. Could it be two years, three or, maybe, forever?

At that moment, that wasn’t my concern at all. Instead, the issue at hand was more fundamental: whether or not to go in the first place. It was appealing to take the step, although I had to think about future goals and plans, too. Did this fit in that picture? Is this what I want in life? Moreover, what will I gain or lose if I take this step?

After talking to various people with relevant experiences, I felt that I had nothing to lose by making the move. It wouldn’t be possible without a positive happiness-hands1attitude towards life or the people who mentally prepared and supported me to take on this journey.

Therefore, it is (3) extremely important to surround yourself with positive minds. You will come across many people who will try to pull you down, due to their fears, anger, jealousy and much more. I would advise to always believe in yourself, only YOU know what YOU can and only YOU have YOUR happiness in YOUR own hands!

Today, six months later in NYC, I feel so blessed that this opportunity came my way. I have always wanted to live in various cities around the globe. Ever since childhood I had been visiting various countries and cities together with my family. Now the moment had arrived to convert the trailers into movies – full of life! And, of course, even though we can only live in one city at a time, we should continue traveling and exploring this beautiful home of us all: EARTH!

It’s like a dream come true!

This is just the beginning – there is more to come so stay tuned!

xx – Ankita


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